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luni, 3 noiembrie 2014



The name of my poetry book is "Your Love, My Inspiration"(my first
poetry book, contaning 50 poems).

Lulu .....offered me with $ 500  to publish my poetry book there. It
is not possible for me to publish my book there because it charges too
$500= Rs 35,000 /-
I don't want to take any risk as I am a new poet.

If you follow the link you will find all my 50 poems one by one. You
may know about my bipgraphy and otherthing too.

Please follow the link:

I must publish my first poetry book, "Your Love, My Inspiration"
wihhin a month as My poems are ready.
I have already discussed with  Santanu Halder (my bosom friend and a
great authour) who is your facebook friend.

You are requested to write the preface of my book as I don't have much
time in my hand to publish my book.
You will find all the infomation regarding my poems and me on the
above web site.

With blessings of love and peace,

Dipankar Sadhukhan


 On Wednesday, October 16, 2013 11:25 AM, dipankar sadhukhan> wrote:
> Thanks for posting my poem,
> "A Humble Prayer" on your blog..
> My beloved friend Haminia!
> To publish my poetry book,
> I need someone who will write  the preface of my book and other
> things. I have no experience in publishing any book. You are requested
> to write something about my poetry book and me as I think they should
> be written by a famous poet/poetess.
> If you keep my request ,I shall be grateful to you for ever.
> Though I have written my poetry book with my heart,
> the whole credit goes to you.
> I am waiting for your reply.
> With blessings of love and light,
> Dipankar Sadhukhan.



You disappoint me always. You discourage me always.
You mentioned, "You don't know the right of the author".
Why don't you inspire me ?
Why don't you encourage me?
Evertbody does.
Thank you so much for making me a poet.
One day I must be a great poet !

dipankar sadhukhan <>

In this poem, Dipankar Sadhukhan used my full name
on VERTICAL, just watch :

Hark me, my dear Sweet Honey! 
And as to my heart quickly. 
My heart is restless and weary. 
It's waiting for getting your proximity. 
No palace, no wealth I need. 
I want your nearness indeed 
And the nectar of your Love a Little bits.
Hail! My dear Sweet Honey
'm eagerly awating you 
As my heart wants you badly. 
Return and passionately caress my heart.
By Dipankar Sadhukhan 
Kolkata, India. 
Copyrights @ May09, 2014

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