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duminică, 2 noiembrie 2014




I am extremely sorry for that one Indian Dipankar Sadhukhan made scathing remarks on your poems. There are certain persons in this world tend to think wrongly not so much because they do not know laws of logic as because there are obstacles in their own mind which make them unwilling to think straight. As you have questioned Indian education, I will humbly submit here that Indian Education should not be blamed for the unreasonable behavior of one person, as India has produced remarkable writers and poets who have even won Noble Prize in literature. Education does not in itself save us from disability. It ought to help in the direction of freedom from prejudice, but it does not necessarily do so.. The learned men are often as bound by their prejudices as anyone else. 
I can very well understand the mental torture you have been subjected to by a few Facebook users but you need not get perturbed by their comments because if you continue to think that way, I am afraid that you you may lose the very spark of writing beautiful poems. Please be a brave girl, avoid and overlook such brickbats. I reiterate that you are a wonderful writer and poetess and those who are raising questions on the authenticity of your poems have yet to learn lessons in literature. Thank you !!!

November 2014

Maribel del Valle:

 Wow beautiful poem indeed with lovely post dearie Haminia Haar, Ahhhhh yessss indeed loveliness precious one. It's greatly appreciated always sunshine your beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing your lovely posts with me / us all dearie GodGiftIsLove Always sunshine! Nighty-Nite precious one Pleasant and Sweet Blessful Angelic Peaceful Dreams Sunshine (well it's my bedtime now over here) IDK if its yours but 8f so gd night and if not enjoy your day, many blessings always precious one.

Maribel del Vale,
November, 2014

Beehive Dye 

Beautiful poems , lovely thoughts Haminia ! 
More blessings will come along your way ..

Beehive Dye,

Charles Ford

Haminia ,

 I love the ease of this poem, in particular, how she reveals her captivating experiences. There is magic still in those repeating places, stories, and those wonderful human beings! All because I believe either the stories never end, or we are collective involved in creating them on an unconscious level! Nonetheless, they remain in their essence with their surrealistic qualities and senses of longing and desiring to be apart of humanity and the human condition par excellence!..../the Poet/



Fifi Ananda 

Beloved Haminia , 
you are a kind and beautiful soul , your beauty ~heart flows in your divine poetry .....the best thing to do is ignore these negative energies , stay in the light , stay inspired ...... Many great writers have used a nom de plume 
( pen name ) it doesn't matter what name you use ... 
Love you sweetheart 
Hope these bullies leave you in peace 
God Bless you  

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
~ Albert Einstein 

November 2014


Such Beautiful post dearie with Lovely words precious one Haminia Haar, Thank you dearie for sharing your lovely thoughts n poems with me/us all sunshine. GodGiftIsLove Always dearie! GBU and Your Precious Family members always too. It's greatly appreciated always sunshine. Hve a Beautiful and Blessful one    Hugz dearie!  Love and Light with peaceful blessings always precious one.

November 2014

Imran Shaikh 

Oh my sweet heart haminia , i l0ve your all p0ems and yes i like ur kiss p0em and didnt ever read fr0m an0ther p0ets p0em, ur p0ems are different than fr0m the others and ur p0ems are attractive and beautiful s0me men are perfect , as w0men are perfect and ur that p0em is n0t c0pied so whatever other pe0ple say or they think , u leave then and u create m0re ur p0ems and spread all over the w0rld my prayers are with u G0d is with u sweet heart pe0ples w0rk is buzzing and destr0y the others so we sh0uld av0ide them bcz this beautiful life is sh0rt so we sh0uld enjoy our each m0ment of life . Blessings my dear 1

November 2014


Maricarmen Torres 

Always deal I love your poems I'm your fan 



Abhinav Kapur 

Haminia !
Thanks for being the friend you are
you're my best friend, an angel by far

everything in you is an inspiration to do great
and you'll be loved by all cause that's your fate!

So never stop being the real and wonderful you
cause God shines through in all that you do....




Antonio Lettera

 Il male,cara Haminia,è nato con l'uomo.L'assurdo è nel mondo,e forse la vita stessa a generarlo.Cercare un perchè al male è un quesito che solo Dio saprebbe dare una risposta.Il male non è un aberrazione evolutiva dell'uomo,ci appartiene con le stesse modalità fin dai tempi più antichi.E' un errore grossolano asserire che l'uomo di oggi abbia perso l'umanità,oaffermiamo che essa non è mai stata nostra o mentiamo.L'orrore è dentro di noi,la civilizzazione e la cultura sono polveri sottili con cui ricopriamo la nostra vera natura,natura che contempla il male in tutte le sue forme.Dobbiamo solo sperare che gli uomini prendano coscienza del male e lo convertano in bene mettendo in pratica gli insegnamenti del Cristo...GRAZIE HAMINIA...BUONA GIORNATA..TI ABBRACCIO !



Regina Resta

Haminia, I want very much that you come to Italy for premium.
You are very great poet .
Questo significa lavoro di squadra...le ho già scritto manon mi ha risposto ancora.

In Italy with our association .
To Galatone on 20-21-22 september 2014
On 20 september there is the the presentation of Munir Mezyed.

  • My dear Haminia, I would like to ask you a favor for the prize in Galatone, I would like to participate poets of your country, the participation is free. Even if they do not come in Galatone, would still be rewarded based on the assessments and rankings. I attach the notice translated into English, and I apologize for any errors of translation.
  • Regina Resta

    Regina Resta


    Second Edition - 2014 organized by the Cultural VERBUMLANDI -ART Cenacle International Culture - Art -Information in collaboration with the Municipality of Galatone (Le) and under the patronage of the Province of Lecce, Puglia Region . The cultural association Verbumlandi -Art, in collaboration with the Municipality of Galatone and under the patronage of the Province of Lecce, Puglia Region index the II edition of the national and international poetry and prose "City of Etiquette ." Participation is extended to all authors of any nationality who intend to compete with poems, short stories and essays , an initiative to give voice to emotions, feelings and moods. Prizes will be awarded to works that will be distinguished by the literary quality and / or to the theme of social commitment , moral and / or educational treated. REGULATION ***FOREIGNERS DO NOT PAY FEE***

    Article 1) sections provided ADULTS Sect. a) Poetry in Italian or foreign language , any theme : maximum 2 poems of no more than 40 lines each Sect. b ) anthology of poetry, in Italian or foreign language , consisting of a maximum of 10 poems. It requires the title of the collection . Sect. c) Story in Italian or in a foreign language , which does not exceed 3 typed pages ( Times New Roman font size 12) Sect. d) Essay in Italian or foreign language , maximum 3 typed pages ( Times New Roman font size 12) . The proposed theme is: "It ' been left alone because no one has ever felt the strength to get to the bottom of his soul and to support it whole ." And ' what I wrote Rina , also known as Sibilla . Lived at the turn of two centuries (1876-1960) , his name has been consigned to history for having broken the chains of cultural time , in which the female was still tied . Since then there have been many women committed to the affirmation of the equality of civil and social rights , as Simone de Beauvoir , Golda Meir , Oriana Fallaci , Franca Rame . Other distinguished themselves for their intellectual capacity and their professional achievements , such as Rosalind Franklin, Margherita Hack, Rita Levi Montalcini , in fields hitherto of male dominance . Women who have had to fight for everything that was due to them , but often denied. The man now seems unprepared for a female role of the first floor of which can no longer have control. One wonders whether it is possible a parallel path in perfect harmony and complementarity in which one is the completion of the other. YOUNG open to all those who on May 15, 2014 have not completed the year old Sect. e) Poetry in Italian or foreign language , any theme : maximum 2 poems of no more than 40 lines each Sect. f) Tale in Italian or in a foreign language , which does not exceed 3 typed pages ( Times New Roman font size 12) Note: In all sections, for works submitted in a foreign language must be accompanied by translation into Italian. Association of national and international cultural Verbumlandi -Art Via R. Screening , 15 73100 Galatone (LE) Upper Room International Culture - Art -Information

    The works submitted may be published or unpublished , as long as ever in winning other competitions. Accepted works will be published in newspapers, magazines , anthologies or on the web . You can take part by the same author in more than one section with different works , upon payment of an additional fee in the same manner indicated in art. 3 . Article 2) submission deadline The works must be received no later than 15/05/2014 . Section 3 ) shares The participation fee for each section , as a contribution and support for the costs of reading and answering , is € 15 ( fifteen/00 ) . The members of the association Verbumlandi -Art who have signed up for 2014 , are entitled to a discount and will pay € 10 euro ( ten/00 ) . The shares may be paid as follows : 1 . payment of bank c / Monte dei Paschi di Siena - a subsidiary of Galatone - IBAN - IT 37 P 01030 79660 000 001 490 920 2 . payment of postal c / c No. 001012364095 payable to " Verbumlandi Art"

    Article 4) submission of works The works must be sent by e-mail at . Not be considered valid for the purposes of the contest, email address other than that indicated , under penalty of exclusion . Acceptances received after the deadlines provided for in this Regulation shall not be taken into account. The email must contain a) literary works in Word format ( . doc, . docx ) , without a signature and any other sign of recognition b) a concise artistic biography in Word format ( . doc, . docx ) c) the application form, with a declaration that the poems are the work of his own talent and clear of any lien (declaration of authorship ) , and consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. nr . 196/ 03 ( release related to rights of privacy) d) a copy of the payment of the contribution and support for the costs of reading and answering . The absence of the copy of the payment or the application form duly completed in all its parts , means an automatic exclusion from the competition of the works sent . Article 5) release By participating in the contest, each author's consent to the disclosure of their works by association " Verbumlandi Art" , also for the purpose of the anthology , without having anything to claim and waiving any financial claim . All rights remain with the author . The works submitted for the competition will not be returned . Each author , by the very fact of participating in the prize, declaring paternity and intellectual property and creative works submitted , therefore, to have full possession of the rights to the work , fully available and which are not subject to any restrictions editorial . The Organization shall not be liable for any operations of plagiarism. Association of national and international cultural Verbumlandi -Art Via R. Screening , 15 73100 Galatone (LE) Upper Room International Culture - Art -Information

    Article 6) Committee of jury The works will be judged strictly anonymous jury by the Committee , consisting of critics and representatives of the world of culture , information, university professor whose judgments are final . The jury is not required to make public the titles of the works excluded from the final award . Their work is carried out in full compliance with the guidelines of the Association. Article 7) Results Periodic news and results on the works and on the award-winning authors , will be published on the official website of the association The official announcement and the award ceremony will take place during the final evening (August 30 ) of the event that will take place in Galatone days 29-30-31 August 2014 , at the palace Marchesale . The winners will get to the place of the ceremony at their expense. Any changes will be communicated in advance . Article 8) Awards All finalists will be awarded with plaques offered by the Municipality and the Province of Lecce Galatone , trophies , medals and works of art , scrolls for honorable mentions and certificates of merit , books and any gifts provided by sponsors. The certificate of attendance is available on request with charge shipping. The jury may also award special prizes to the authors who have distinguished themselves for the preciousness of their works. Prizes not collected during the awards ceremony (excluding certificates) will not be mailed, but will remain available to beneficiaries for six months at the registered office of the association unless a special arrangement with the author for shipping to home. Article 9) Awards Ceremony The awards ceremony will be held in Galatone Marchesale palace in the square of the Crucifix at 19.00 , in the presence of well known personalities from the world of culture and entertainment. Will be informed of the outcome of the award winners and finalists , by notice in writing or via telephone and announced on the official website of the association. The prizes must be collected in person . In case of proven inability of the person will be able to delegate their trust by written proxy. Will be given maximum spread about the event through print , internet and local TV . Article 10) Anthology The organization will , as tradition , to the printing of this edition of the anthology , published by the publishing house an agreement with the association . The anthology of the best works evaluated and selected as worthy by the jury , and the reasons and any biographical notes of the authors. Article 11) Privacy Policy Utilities and e -mail forwarded to the Secretariat of the prize, will be used only for communications related to the National Literary Prize . Personal data shall be processed in accordance with Regulation 196 /2003. Association of national and international cultural Verbumlandi -Art Via R. Screening , 15 73100 Galatone (LE) Upper Room International Culture - Art -Information

    The organization , if it becomes necessary, we reserve the right to bring changes to this notice and the plan premiums . The organization also does not respond to any consequences due to false information about the identity communicated . Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of this invitation to all the terms that compose it. Failure to comply with any of the rules at the same prescribed constitutes grounds for exclusion from the award. Galatone, 01 marzo 2014 Il Presidente dell’associazione Regina Resta Il segretario Massimo V. Massa Il Sindaco di Pro Loco Galatone Livio Nisi L’Assessore alla Cultura Giovanna Rizzo L'Assessore ai Servizi Sociali Annamaria Campa per informazioni: Associazione culturale Verbumlandi-Art via R. Vaglio, 15 - 73044 Galatone (Le) cell. 338 6341006 - 348 4097289 POST

    Verbumlandi-Art ha stipulato un accordo di collaborazione con la casa editrice UniversItalia che ci consente di proporre ai tutti gli associati delle proposte vantaggiose nella pubblicazione delle loro opere. Lo staff editoriale collabora personalmente e professionalmente con l'autore in tutte le fa...




Marcellino Aversano

Salve Haminia, sto inviando questo invito, a tutti gli amici e le amiche non italiani, spero sia gradito. Partecipa con una tua poesia al - Premio Letterario Internazionale “ Parete Città della Poesia “ Italia. La partecipazione alla sezione D estero è GRATUITA. Basta inviare una ( 1 ) poesia via e – mail entro il 5/09/2013 la Premiazione avverrà nel mese di ottobre . Tutti i partecipanti riceveranno via e – mail un attestato di merito da stampare . PER DETTAGLI CONSULTARE IL BANDO ALLEGATO. grazie per l'attenzione.


  • Munir Mezyed

    You are a wonderful person and poet and translator......
  • Love and blessings from my wife and me
  • October,2013

    • October 12, 2013
  • Munir Mezyed
    Munir Mezyed

    Buna seara draga noastra !

    Va felicit pentru traducerile minunate pe care le.ati facut ,sunt autentice !
  • October,2013
  • October 12, 2013

  • 10/12, 8:30pm
    • ovember 9, 2013
  • Munir Mezyed
    Munir Mezyed

    Please can you change the title when EROS and not must be Cand Eros canta ...thank you and light

    Please * try to change it soon
    • November,2013

  • 11/9, 9:37pm
    • March 5
  • Munir Mezyed
    Munir Mezyed

    My dear poet if you can publish in Romanian ,you are free to do it.. But financially in this time I can not ... I told you to write to Humanitas or other good publisher about this poems

    • .
    • November,2013..
  • Munir Mezyed
    Munir Mezyed

    Referitor la traducerile in italiana ,Graziella Ardia a tradus si publicat in tara ei pe cont propriu .Graziella s-a interesat pe plan local de sponsori si de edituri ,fapt care si tu ai avut acordul meu sa te interesezi la Humanitas sau alte edituri renumite din Romania. In ce priveste colaborarea noastra dat fiind faptul ca sotia mea este de aceeasi nationalitate cu tine ,am avut un raport de prietenie mai aparte si in tot acest timp am cautat si sponsori pentru publicarea in limba romana. Cum bine stii in Romania vanzarea cartilor mele si nu numai ,nu a fost la nivelul dorit ,ci doar oaza de creatie si evenimente ,atat.
  • November,2013


Thank you Haminia Haar really you are something different..its a gòd gifted..wonderful..



I believe, my sweet friend Haminia, you're a Poetess with artistic-citizenship to all-Earth.. Each and every writing, is heart seed falling into a Poetry-reader's hands, like a precious flower from God! 



  • Haminia Haar Dear friends, today I am very happy for receiving the very good News about winning a Premium and Diploma at the International Poetry Competition from Italy, the city of poetry , Parete ! I participated with the poem "VENETIAN MASK " above ! I was inspired to write this poem after visiting Venice, Italy where I was much impressed by the beautiful atmosphere of Love at the Carnival of Masks from Venice and from all Italy ! Be happy with me ! I thank very much the poets from Italy who appreciated my poem so much ! God bless the Beauty in Poetry !   
  • D'ali Atash I am very happy for you..It makes me proud of you. You have earned it. 
    Sending in your direction Blessing* Լovє.¸ (( .* ♡. *•.¸¸.•*♡* •*♪♫ Light•* *•⊰✿⊱☆¸.(( .* ♡. *• •*pєαcє☮` *⊰✿⊱•. Hαppiηєss*^_^ ♪♫* ♪♫ ♪ ωση∂єяƒυl ʂuηʂнιηє ♪♫.•*¨*.¸Love ¸.•*¨*.¸Gratitude ¸.•*¨*.¸Blessings ¸.•*¨*.¸* •☆.
  • Haminia Haar Thank you very much, dear D'ali ! I am so happy !!! It is my first international official recognition of my Poems ! God helped me so much !!! 
  • Carmen Wright I Remember When You Originally Published this To Our Circle Dear Haminia  Venice and Masquarade Parties are one of my Favorite Romantic Themes. Very Nicely done, Sweet Romantic Narrative Poem of Love in the Wings, hiding a Passon with a Sultry Sweetness.. Loving Blessings ~ Thank You for this Lovely Share 
  • D'ali Atash Haminia Haar saying:...
    ✿⊱ (PT)...Queridos amigos, hoje eu estou muito feliz por receber a notícia muito boa sobre ganhar um prêmio e Diploma no Concurso Internacional de Itália, a cidade de poesia, Parete Poesia! Eu participei com o poema "MASCARA VENEZIANO" acima! Eu estava inspirado para escrever este poema depois de visitar Veneza, Itália, onde fiquei muito impressionado com o belo clima de amor no Carnaval de Máscaras de Veneza e de toda a Itália! Seja feliz comigo! Agradeço muito os poetas da Itália que apreciaram o meu poema tanto! Deus abençoe a beleza em Poesia!
    ✿⊱ (SP)...Queridos amigos, hoy me siento muy feliz por recibir la buena noticia acerca de ganar un premio y Diploma en el Concurso Internacional de Poesía de Italia, la ciudad de la poesía, Parete! Participé con el poema "MÁSCARA DE VENECIA" por encima! Me inspiró a escribir este poema después de visitar Venecia, Italia, donde me sentí muy impresionado por la hermosa atmósfera de amor en el Carnaval de las máscaras de Venecia y de toda Italia! Sé feliz conmigo! Agradezco mucho a los poetas de Italia que apreciaban mi poema tanto! Dios bendiga a la belleza de la poesía!
    ✿⊱ (FR)...Chers amis, aujourd'hui je suis très heureux de recevoir le très bon Nouvelles de gagner une prime et diplôme au Concours international de poésie de l'Italie, la ville de la poésie, Parete! J'ai participé avec le poème "MASQUE VENITIEN" ci-dessus! Je me suis inspiré pour écrire ce poème après avoir visité Venise, en Italie, où j'ai été très impressionné par la belle atmosphère de l'amour au Carnaval des Masques de Venise et de toute l'Italie! Soyez heureux avec moi! Je remercie beaucoup les poètes de l'Italie qui ont apprécié mon poème tellement! Que Dieu bénisse la beauté dans la poésie!
    See Translation
  • Haminia Haar Thank you, dear Carmen for remembering my poem when I published " Venetian Mask " for he first time ! Yes, I remember ! I also love this poem very much...It reminds me my journey to Italy and Venice where I saw for the first time the Italian Porcelain so beautifully worked, pure Art ...and the lovers who wore the masks...It was a magical atmosphere there ..!
  • Haminia Haar Thank you, again, dear D'ali for the translations of my words of happiness and thanks to the Italian poets for appreciating my poem so much and for giving me a Premium in an international competition ! I thank God who inspired all my poems ! 
  • Carmen Wright Absolutely Dear Haminia~ I Remembered Venice and the Freesia  Congratulations, Yes, Venice is a Magnificently Magical Place  A Place Where Love Can Bloom under the Lace Kissed Venetian Masks and Exquisite Dances with Dreamers and Who Really Knows Who has their Passionate Gaze upon You  Lovely Romantica 
  • Jen Toews Congratulations, Haminia!
  • Beehive Dye CONGRATULATIONS ..... Haminia .... For receiving an award that you really deserved ... DIPLOMA de MERITO ... for international Poetry Competition from Italy ... It's such a great honored ....   
  • Dom Colucci ~simply beautiful~congratulations as well~enjoy with your Soul* filled with love~ 
  • Dawn Shults Helms This is absolutely wonderful my friend. Congratulations! God bless you and keep you Today and always! Wonderful! 
  • Dawn Shults Helms Oh I would one day to go to Venice Italy. It seems so beautiful and Romantic. 
  • Haminia Haar Yes, Venice is a very romantic and beautiful city ! Italy is also very beautiful ! You can spend your holidays there... ! 
  • Haminia Haar Thank you for your congratulations dear friends : Dom Colucci, Dawn, Lorraine, Beehive, Jennifer, Christine, Sila, Nadina, Margaret, Med, Carmen, D'ali, Sigrid, Stephanie, Sam, Munevver, Lucienne and all the others ! God bless the lovers of Poetry !   
  • Tapeshwar Prasad Congratulation Haminia ... I am so happy for u! God bless u with more of an offerings! 
  • Charanjeet Singh Lamba Sister Haminia Haar Ji` 
    CONGRATULATIONS.. God Bless You With Poetic-Prolificacy`
    Ever Radiating Beauty Of Self In Words Of Sublime-Delicacy`
    Solacing Heart In Need.. Seeking Transcendent Self-Efficacy`

    ░ ░ ░G░R░E░E░T░I░N░G░S░`░D░I░V░I░N░E░ ░ ░
    ┊ ┊ ┊ `
    ┊ ┊★ `Charanjeet Singh Lamba`
    ┊★ (astral`scientist : gnosiologist)
    See Translation
  • Sebastian Sanchez Conratulations my friend, big hug 
  • Sophia Antoniades Congratulations Haminia....well's a beautiful piece. 
  • Bozena Marek Congratulations Haminia! This is great news ... thank you for this and for all your beautiful poems, which touch our souls ... 
  • Dar Alsalam Congratulations Dear Haminia 
  • Krystyna Rudnicka C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
    Poem full of romance and feelings
    Fantastic narrative.. 
  • Hemal Radia Very lovely, Haminia! Congratulations on the Premium and Diploma!
  • Munir Mezyed Congratulations my dear sweet poet Haminia Haar ! All the best and blessings ,you deserve it !
  • DrMaddalena Encu Mezyed Felicitari  !!!!!!!!!! Meriti din plin minunata prietena,poeta si traducatoare Haminia Haar un mixt fermecator care ne-a cucerit inimile See Translation
  • Haminia Haar Oh, draga Madalina, ce cuvinte frumoase ! Multumesc foarte mult pentru aprecierile deosebite ! A fost o mare surpriza si o mare bucurie pentru mine acest premiu . Este prima recunoastere oficiala a poeziei mele in afara Romaniei . Astept Romania... 
  • Haminia Haar Munir Mezyed, the candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature wishes me Congratulations in poetry ! Last year I could not imagine that it will happen ! God's work is beyond imagination ! Thank you, dear Munir, thank God for His always guiding me to amazing miracles !  
  • Haminia Haar Thank you very much for your wonderful appreciations of my poem and Premium ! You are amazing gifted poets and writers blessed by God ! My dears, Sandra, Madalina, Munir Mezyed, Divya, Hemal Radia, Krystyna, Geeske, Dar, Aws, Bozena, Sophia, Sebastian, Hamza, Charanjeet, Michael, Abdus, Ole, Blac bee, Deniz, Tapeshwar, Dawn, Dom, Lorraine, Beehive, Dom, Jennifer, Christine, Carmen, D'ali Atash (special thanks for the translations of my poems ), Nadina, Liliane, Mioara,Martha, Fabie and all the others...!!! I wish you much Love, Happiness and great realizations in your life !!!     
  • Michael Casey And congratulations for the beautiful poem! And your award!
  • Haminia Haar Thank you, Beatris and Casey !