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vineri, 13 decembrie 2013



Love me in December
My delicate snowflake !
I like your melting on my face
And your winter kiss !

Fall on my hair
And make the crown of ice to me !
I'll embrace your breath
Like a real Star Queen !

Our Divine Love met each other
Last year this month,
Before Jesus Christ to come
To bless our Light !

Love me in December
My sweet heart !
You are the messenger of God,
His sweetest child sent to me !

You are my burning flame
From Bethlehem 
Born from Saint Mary's womb
For all the Humankind !

Come into my house
With your heavenly gifts,
Shine into my life
And enjoy my soul !

Love me in December
In the fairy white nights
When the snow falls down
Into our fire hearts  !

From December to December
From the beginning to the end
I will be your love for ever
Divine Love we can't forget !

Jesus Christ brings His Light
Into our cells and blood
For Eternity to bright
Into our lives !

Love me in December
The same with spring and summer,
Love my breeze in winter
And warm my heart forever !

Let's celebrate Christmas together
And sing the holy carols
For everybody to enjoy
The coming of Santa Klaus !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon And Stars In Our Hearts", Nr.9

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