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duminică, 30 iunie 2013



I like so much my swing
In the wind..
Like a breeze of the Sea
On my being..

I like so much to be taken
By the ray of the Sun to the Sky,
The shining Stars and the Queen Moon
To dance with me their symphony..

The waves of the oceans caress me
When I lye on the summer sand,
They kiss me with their azure Odes
And make my Books to be known..

My beloved,

Our divine wings fly free
Into Eternity;
We are timeless rise of Joy,
Divine Love is not a toy..

I feel your Freesia fragrance in the air
And the silence of your Soul
Now in summer, later in autumn
All the seasons of the year ..

Haminia Haar,
"Moon and Stars in our Hearts", Nr.49

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