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duminică, 30 iunie 2013



Some people ask me :
Why do you write only about Love ?
They amaze me with their questions
And I give them my answer ...

I write about Love
Because I breathe Love,
Because I see the sufferings of the people around me
Caused by the Lack of Love in their souls..

I write about Love
Because Love is Happiness and Joy
Love is health without medicines
Love is God in our hearts..

I write my poems not about simple Love
Known by everybody with its consequences
My poetry is about Divine Love,
So many people never heard of it..

I am from a small country in Europe
And I had to study a lot
From the oldest cultures in the world
About the True and Divine Love..

It is the Trinity :  You, Me and God !
What is the Trinity, you may ask..
It means Faith in God , no doubt !
God is the Truth in Love and everything..

When Divinity touches your heart,
You forget all about your body,
And your lover's color of the eyes.
Only the feelings bring you the Divine Ecstasy..

Divine Love means knowing the Unknown,
Seeing the Unseen,
All your dreams come true
If you have faith in God ..

We are God's children,
His Creation, His masterpiece in the Universe
We are His messengers on Earth
Like Jesus, but we forgot about him..

Divine Love means to give Love
As much as you wish to give
And to receive the same
From your partner in life..

Divine Love means No selfishness
It means to share All that you have
With the other children of God,
Not to be proud with your richness..

It means No wars, No killing the people
Not destroying Nature and everything
Given to us as gifts
By the Creator !

Faith in God means to feel Him
In all your cells, in your Breath
And when you feel His presence in your blood,
Divine Love is in you !

You don't have any more questions,
You don't need anything else,
You have everything you wish
And your beloved is with you .

My words are not simple poems
Or theory..
They are a guide to Divine Love
Lessons about how to forgive..

My poems teach you how to desire the True Love
And how to give your soul for it..
Divine Love can not be bought,
It is in you, if you have Faith..

Read the poems from my books,
You will be suddenly touched by Love
Not by me as a poetess or woman
Divine Love is in You !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.1

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