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sâmbătă, 22 iunie 2013



My sweet Soul,

Divine moments live timeless !

They are never fleeting !
Your memories given by God
Can not be forgotten ..

Keep fresh your heart and mind

In order to live in Divinity ,
To feel God's presence in your being,
To know He helps you in Trinity..

The Trinity is You, your Lover and God !

Never lose your hope ,
Don't lose your faith,
You are divine since birth..

Your old sweet feelings

Are never lost in the darkness,
They are covered by fog only in your mind..
Bring them out to the Light !

The Temple of Love is always opened

For those who believe in Divinity.
Love is sacred by God in our souls
For ever, for ever but rare on Earth ..

There are no wounds in a true love,

The prayers are never bleeding,
Even in vacuous space
Love is Joy and Light !

Teach your mind and ego,

Don't let them control your feelings !
They are not to be controlled
By anybody, except God !

If you once felt the Divine Love,

It remains for ever in your heart !
Don't try to forget it..
You will never receive another one !

Haminia Haar,

"My Poems, Prayers to your Happiness", Nr. 42

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