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vineri, 21 iunie 2013



When I was a little girl
All the adults called me Luna.
I thought it was my name..

My mother was calling me "My  sweet Freesia"
So, one day I asked her :
Why do they call me Luna ?

Because you look like the Moon, she said.
Your face is as beautiful and round as the Moon.
I gave birth to you One night with full Moon..

Oh, I thought...
I didn't know that the Moon was my sister..
Since that moment I started to feel the Moon in my heart..

I was waiting for the Night and the Moon to come,
From my bed I could see her smiling to me
And the lovely stars so nice blinking ..

Many questions came to my mind since that day.
How can I be sister with a part of the Sky ?
The Moon became my best friend..

She whispered  to me so  beautiful tales
About Angels, about God, Queens and Kings
About wonderful Princesses and Princes ..

The Moon described to me in detail
How beautiful they were dressed
With golden velvet and silk..

She told me that  when I will grow up
I shall be much loved by a charming Prince
By a divine Prince ! 

I was so happy..
All day long I was dancing in the garden of flowers
They gave me their nectar and perfume..

Happiness during the day under the warmth of Sun
Ecstasy at night dancing with the stars
And kissed by the Moon "Good night " !

Years have passed with the Moon in my soul..
She taught me all the secrets of the world
With much love to her little sister, that I was..

Day by day I became more and more beautiful,
Very wise and smart..
Admired too much..

Beauty brought me happiness and sorrow, too
The people think that I shine like the Moon
And want to love and to touch  me..

I must be mysterious and hide
Like the Moon behind the clouds
Of the overwhelming arms...

One heavenly day, the miracle happened !
The Divine Prince fell in love with me
In the tranquil hours of silence..

Our intoxicated souls of wild passion
Met each other in the Temple of Love 
Under the Moon's blessing..

God Himself sanctified our Love
To be divine for Eternity
Knowing the ecstasy of heaven..

So, the Moon, my immortal fascination
Asked the Angels to guide  the celestial wedding
For me and  the Divine Prince..

All the stars of the Universe, the Moon
Sang and danced with the bride and the groom,
Luna, the little girl grown up and her sacred Prince !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.39

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