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marți, 25 decembrie 2012



Your comment is the most beautiful description of the women in the world ! You are lucky to know all the qualities of the women as mother, sister, wife, friend and partner in business and you give the best examples in the History... ! 

You should teach the uneducated men from all over the world. Make a team of teachers like you and spread the Truth among the common men....They will like to discover how beautiful is a woman and how much she does for the benefit of all men, children and all the Humanity. maybe the muslim society is dominated by males, but the civilized countries don't know any discrimination between men and women.

In Europe all the women have the same rights with men in society, at the work place and at home. No woman is the slave of a man, even if he is her husband. Islam develops a wrong law about th
e domination of men and the lack of rights of the women, even the right to speak in society is forbidden, they are not allowed to open the door to other people if their husband is not at home, they are obliged to wear their veil and long dress for the selfishness of the men. 

I think that this behavior of the muslim men prove their lack of confidence in themselves : they are not strong and smart men in order to be able to be free loved by women, they force their wives to do what they like and if the women oppose them, they beat them or kill them in the name of Allah. There are too many muslims who need to be educated to be civilized...who will be able to change them ? They also fight the "holy war" and kill hundreds of innocent people in the name of Allah. In so many countries...

I am born in June and it is said that it is the Month of thinking...but it is very true. I like thinking about life, about all the people and I'd like that all the human beings have all they need: food, clothes, enough money to live a normal life... and to be happy and healthy.

We all are looking for the Truth and some people find a part of it...others find the path to it but we must know that God is the singe Truth. (God = the Creator ! In other religion it's Allah).

To understand the illusion we must be very rational people...
To be able to help people we must know. Some people have much Knowledge, others have only Knowing...the best is to have the both.

God bless all of Us !"


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