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miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012



If I am allowed to write about life ...I will tell you my opinion by very short. It is the best Miracle in the world !!! It is the amazing Beauty ! It is wordless ! It is God's love for life ! It is God's love for human beings and for Existence ! It is our Happiness to prove our love to each other ! It is the eternal connection with the Universe !

It is our dream in life to have followers educated by us in the name of God to represent us after passing away...for timeless Joy of living Life !

Nobody can explain how the little child is coming to life by breathing and feeling everything before seeing the sky !

This is the Beauty of our creator : the Miracle ! Albert Einstein also says " Life can be lived only in two ways : as if Everything is a miracle or as if Nothing is a miracle. Those who don't believe in miracles are dead ".

Life is a daily miracle if we have eyes to see !
God is the single Truth ! We are allowed to see it and to feel it.

Haminia Haar

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