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miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012



"True love is unconditional and heavenly ! It is given by God only to the human beings who live in Him and knows the Universal Truth.
To know the Truth means to be directly connected with the Divinity and to know the knowing ...of the Unknown....

If you don't know all of these you will be for ever led by your Ego and will have different desires of possessions that has no connection with faith in God , Truth and true Love given to all of us by the creator.

As about marriage, this is the best solution in our short life with the condition to meet the twin soul in love and thinking who is always given by God to his beloved children ! 

True love can be given to the luckiest people in the world who live with God into their heart . I hope the Indian men know that Faith also means not to exploit their women, to let them think free and let them fulfill their desire to work in the society not only at home to cook and to take care of their children and to be at their disposal anytime they cross their mind . 

Men are never gods or smarter than women...on the contrary all women are always more intuitive than men even when they show their "intelligence" by their muscles worked by Yoga and try to convince by force their lack of wisdom.

I wish all people find their twin souls and know always Joy, Happiness and timeless Love ! "

Haminia Haar

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