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marți, 10 martie 2015



On the 8th of March
On the woman's day
Each woman dreams of
Her life again.

From early spring
When she was so young
Being amazed by her beauty
In the mirror.

Each trees blossom
She dances with the sun
In the secret heart
Of her beloved.

It's the single day
She wants to listen to
Unique words from you
The man of her life.

No shadow, no pain
No regrets or tears
She feels
In her mind and heart.

On the 8th March you can
Bring her rose petals
From the garden of Eden,
From the temple of love.

It's a special day
She expected so much
To breathe the perfume of heavens
From your sweet embrace.

She knows she is for you
The beauty of the rolling waves,
The diamond on a golden ring,
The light of your life !

She knows that she is
A phenomenal woman,
The princess of your kids,
The family queen !

Your parents call her
A masterpiece of God.
She is yours 
Love her divine !

Make her smile and laugh
On the woman's day
Dance with her the happiness,
The Earthly Paradise !

You are blessed with her,
By your faith in God
You have a wonderful wife
She is a woman !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity"

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