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joi, 2 octombrie 2014



Welcome, Autumn
The queen of all seasons 
Singing the joy in our souls !

Your colors in the trees ,
In the gardens and parks
Are so tender !

You caress our hearts
Like the grandmothers' fingers
Soothing our hair..

The yellow to orange leaves
Dance in silence under our feet
Teaching us your wisdom..

Now, we feel the harmony
Of nature singing
Its beauty !

All the fruits come together
And spread their fragrance
To our ecstasy !

The rays of the sun
Are so gentle with us
Sweet kisses on our lips !

Adam and Eve are free
To eat the golden apples and grapes
In this Paradise !

Love dances in the air
Smiling to our hearts
With each petal of the rose !

My dear Autumn !
You are so close to me
With your song of Beauty !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.33

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