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sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014



Before you 
I was unawared

You taught me 
The way of life
I follow you the day and night 
I see my light 
You are my faith 
And you are my morning sun 
Every time iam optimist
In your way 
I love you 
My sweet heart
Thank you 
I appreciate you
Because of you 
My life is colourful 
And peacefull
Come give me your hand 
And you walk on this purple land 
I will kiss your sweet feet
I will take you in my arms 
You are my forever desire
Look the wind and the trees they smile
They know your elegant presence 
You are my peacefull heart 
And the cool wind start
Every where is beauty 
Because of you 
How beautifully you are divine !
Oh my love 
I feel the comfortable my life 
Only with you 
You are divine .

Imran Shaikh


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