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vineri, 17 octombrie 2014



Don't put so many questions
To your mind..
Never wonder why
I am the favorite color
In the rainbow of your thoughts.

You know very well
Who I am,
Why I paint your existence
In the stars night
Of your being .

I am with you
All the time
Since you remember me
In your dreams 
Or ever.

You have the nest
In the core of my breath.
I will remain the same
And you, too
All our light .

You feel me every day
In the morning
When I caress your face
Before waking up,
With my love.

You see me every night
Shining to you
Among the stars
When I fall down to Earth
To touch you.

Don't ask your mind
Why our souls are One .
All the drops of the seas
Flow to the ocean,
To the spring !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.34

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