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duminică, 25 mai 2014


My dear Haminia 

Thank you so much for your beautiful words about me.
I feel very honored because of that but I think that there 
are many our common friends who are more competent 
and more professional people writing comments for your 
poetry (e.g. Imran Shaikh and Kazuhiko Iwaguro). 

The true is that I like very much your poetry because you
write with soul and heart and in each you poem there is 
a great love for human beings. 

And reading them I almost feel each word resounding in me. 
I am retired interpreter for Italian language and English is my 
secondary language. 

Anyway my dear Haminia I'll try to to my best and to write few 
words in order that your poetry books be presented in the 
best way. Much love to you !

Katarina Stefanovic,
May 25, 2014

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