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luni, 26 mai 2014


My dear best poet Haminia ,

I love your poetry very much !

Your poetry is something different.

When I read your poetry I feel positive
mind .

Your poetry makes me happy 

in your happiest and truly words .

When I read others poetry then,their

poetry makes me sad but your poetry 
is like a crystle pure ocean ,
something like brilliant galaxy !

Your poetry is touching heart with

loving words !

I appreciate your wonderfull poetry,

your excellent thoughts, your great
gift on this land !

I love your poetry, blessings on you,

my sweet friend, poet Haminia ❤❤ !

Imran Shaikh


 wow so comfortable and charming guitar music i love to listen guitar tone ,music now im feeling as im tervalling on the beautiful stars with ur beautiful poetry words that is beautiful life in the wonderful music there are only happiness living and i want more happiness around in my life which i see in my eyes . thanku so much my dearest poetsess haminia im feeling very happy after this wonderful listen music now i have saved ur this guitar lovely music much happiness always with u ur the best 

Imran Shaikh


wow what can i say for this ur wonderful poetry words my dear ur personality are wings ur words are butterfly and u also reached in the flowers of the garden and garden of the love every time flowers of garden welcome u ,and perfumes ,fragrance around u, ur fragrance is in ur words and these fragrance is in my heart ,ur the colourful universe and im listening ur divine voice . so adorable ur words with purity and lovely pic .my dear u always be happy my prayers are always with u ,much happiness and much blessings always with u 

Imran Shaikh

you are precious gift for us u always make us very happy with ur kindness poetry words and with lovely music im very thankful to u i appreciate for u so much my prayers always with u much happiness around u and ur family my dear blessings

Imran Shaikh

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