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duminică, 16 februarie 2014



Have you ever thought
Why are the Flowers
So very beautiful ?

The buds are so sweet
Opening to the world
With timidity.

Why do we forget about everything
Watching them
In their splendor

When they come in front of our eyes
And tremble our hearts and minds
In their innocence ?

We lose our thoughts
In front of their Beauty
And don't move.

We are drowned in Ecstasy
Until someone comes and says
"Hello, what are you doing ? "

And we say " Sorry..."
As if we were guilty
To admire Nature.

Why are we so much excited
To meet the Beauty in Nature?
Do we meet our Soul in its Soul ?

Are we twin souls ?
I think : Yes, we are twins !
God's Creation is a single Whole !

We belong to the same Universe,
To the same Nature.
We are so happy to meet Us !

So happy that we feel
To take the Beauty at home
To caress it and wet, to Love it !

To love our Flower Soul !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon And Stars In Our Hearts", Nr. 14

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