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marți, 28 ianuarie 2014



How couldn't you see me
During your search
From the Earth to the Sky ?

I am the Star shining in your heart,
I am your Light
Dancing in your Soul day and night !

Are you so much in love
Not able to feel your Love
And your eyes so blind ?

I always blink in the Universe
For you, for me as The Morning Star
And as The Evening Star, too !

The Moon and the Sun embrace us,
We are their Creation..
God takes care of all His Stars ..

Haminia Haar,
"Moon And Stars In Our Hearts", Nr.24

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Aws Worldlove

You Are A Beautiful Star
You bleed my heart
With great compassion
My soul cries
Brought me far
Far in beautiful dreams
Among the stars
Fed by kisses
All words
All spaces
Connected by kisses
A new creation
A modern start
A return to the sky
In love
Everyone is now a star.
Aws Worldlove to Haminia Haar ,
response to the poem '' WE, THE STARS ''

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