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marți, 22 octombrie 2013



You know the Queen of Night flower

Which takes away our breath and mind
Waiting so much to blossom,
Much time after the Sun sets and the Stars shine..

Its perfume intoxicates our beings,

We melt into Ecstasy without knowing
Late at night when we walk in the garden
To hold our hands and lips together..

We lie on the nightly grass

And watch the lovely glow worms blinking
Giving us the necessary brightness
For our Love to meet the Light !

You lay down your head in my lap

Remembering with emotion the lap of your mother,
I caress your eyes and brownish hair
Sending my healing vibrations to yours..

The glow worms sing for us Celestial music

Your tenderness embraces my whole..
Unforgettable night, my sweet
In the perfume of the Queen of Night !

You spread the fragrance of the Universe 

In our Garden of Eden
I'm holding you tight at my breast..
The Milky Way is our ballet !

How to forget this Ecstasy

Which is such a rare feeling ?
It's our blood pulsing the Life
In the wine of Eternity !

Haminia Haar,

"Regrets In Love, Flowers In Your Heart ", Nr.25

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