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marți, 29 octombrie 2013



Like any woman in the world
I wish to be kissed.
I dream of the kiss I wish
Every night.

As I said before,
I write my poems at night,
When I open my window
The Moon to share with me her Light.

It's like a warm kiss she gives to me
That enters all the cells of my being.
Oh, how good I feel 
In the night of ecstasy !

Very interesting this feeling !
My mind is stopped,
But my hand can write and describe
How the Moon falls in love with me !

I think of my beloved
To come and give me his Divine kiss
With his endless passion
In his eyes like two little moons.

A thousand kisses if he gives me
It's not enough for my desire,
His lips are like the burning stars
Embracing mine.

We don't need to use the language
To feel the Universe in our hearts.
Its tender particles of music
Sing deep into our minds !

No words, no other sounds,
But the blossom of Love we need
To drink from the cup of Venice,
The never wake up wine !

Haminia Haar,
"Moon and Stars In our Hearts", Nr.12

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