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duminică, 8 septembrie 2013



I have never thought to be rich
But I want more..
So many years I have dreamed
To have a little land with green grass,
A nut-tree for its leaves perfume
And some colorful flowers
My soul to enjoy..

My apartment is beautiful
But what Beauty is that without Nature around ?
Why do I have the strange feeling
That I live in a cage ?
No fresh oxygen, no roses fragrance
If I don't bring
Some flowers in a vase..

I don't like to live in a city
Where the children are eaten by the dogs
While walking in the public parks
And the politicians don't care.
I want the freedom to live safe
Close to the mountains
And smell the Love in the air..

I can't hear the bad news
From Syria, Egypt or other countries.
God made this world so beautiful
And gave us the oceans and the seas
To learn the wisdom from them,
How to be faithful to the fish
And have together the blue color of the sky !

I want Friendship to be Friendship,
Not dirty games of any interest.
I want to meet only pure minds,
Not running after richness and money.
I want more Sincerity and Beauty
Like the sweet hearts of the children
And the smile of the Good Angels !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.13

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