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vineri, 30 august 2013



Why God made possible our meeting ?
Miracles happen to me daily, I know
But they are overwhelming me so much
That sometimes I can not breathe..

Are these miracles the same Energy ?
The Energy of the Universe 
From the beginning of the world
Shared to our souls so late ?

Why so many new things happen to me ?
What is the meaning of these messages ?
Why do I feel warmth into my heart
Only when I think of you ?

My thoughts are influenced by you to God
More than I myself think of Him..
God has been in my mind all time,
But not so much for the Humankind..

I have always tried to help the people
With small or big things like poetry,
But now you turn me into the harp music
For the strings of Humanity !

I feel now I have the necessary courage
Which yesterday I didn't have
Fast steps to change the world I make
For the Joy of the human beings and Love !

Haminia Haar,
"Regrets In Love, Flowers In Your Heart", Nr.35

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