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duminică, 7 iulie 2013



I am Me,
Who else can I be ?
A human being,
Listening to my heart beats
And thinking that God knows
Much more about me..

Since the beginning of times
I was looking for Divine Love
Only for Beauty
Around me,
Admiring the azure Sky
And the night stars, in ecstasy..

I am a mystery,
Many people say it.
I agree with them
Because every day
Miracles happen to me,
Only Good miracles, I am lucky,
It's hard to believe !

Where is the secret 
You can ask me..
There isn't any secret.
All things happen very free
Without any plan,
Except my thoughts..

They can not stop thinking
Day and night
While doing everything,
Or sleeping.
I can dream during the day
And dance with the stars by night..

I feel me and my soul
Belonging to the infinite Universe,
I am taught by the Moon
Many secrets of the world
Which are not explained
In any University..

I can see the Unseen..
The people don't believe me.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes not.
It's dangerous to say the truth
To human beings
Because they get upset and bad..

I am a photon of Light
Who met my twin flame,
The Divine Love,
Together we create the Beauty
To enjoy the people by Love Poetry
And share it with Humanity..

Oh, my beloved !
We know all the feelings
Of the True Love,
We know the happiness in our cells .
Do you know what is 
The happiest moment in our life ?

Of course, you know !
Everybody knows this unique event !
What can be the result of  Divine Love?
A sweet child, the follower of Light,
The follower of Life ,
The follower of God !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.6

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