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joi, 25 iulie 2013


Sweet Angel !

I have read your poem and it entails a wonderful thought, 
reflecting your amazing thoughts. 
The poem as a whole is a beautiful write, wonderful !
And I give you congratulations in advance.

I do comment on your poems and I love to comment. 
You are such a sweet and wonderful writer.
Do you want me comment only from Literature point of view?

I restricted free tag on my wall coz it made me feel uneasy. 
Before it was restricted, people tagged me in such pictures
and photos I don’t like at all. Their presence on my wall a 
suffering to me. So I restricted. 

BUT  I love all the pics and Poems that you tag me. I love 
them to be seen on my wall. 

Your all poems are on my wall, all you shared with me. .
Do you think that if I let you freely post on my wall than 
and only then you will feel and know that You are my love 
beyond imagination ?
Since  last Sunday I have been suffering from a malicious 
feeling that YOU gave me. It made me feel that you are 
serious with words only while I am making the castles 
of love with you.
You are not the same with all the others. I am sure you 
don’t see this. I only comment for some people and for 
you sure I always comment. 

Sooner or later this is another matter but I am most 
interested in your works coz your work is inspired by me 
as you tell me and I believe it.
Your poems are addressed to me, Just you know or me.
I have always observed that It’s me always rushing and 
eager to write to you first. It doesn’t matter if you are busy 
or free, You don’t write me first, Does it happen in true love? 

My love demands the same feelings from you all the times. 
All the times not only when we are chatting or talking on Skype.
As per your muzik is concerned, I love to receive anything that 
you sent to me. Thank you very much with all my love.
I have all my interest your thoughts.  
Love and Hugs..
Much love and Kisses..


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