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miercuri, 24 iulie 2013


Dark Profession
by Moloy Bhattacharya 

She is young and strikingly fair the ogling paramours sense 
with care the poverty she loathes to bear the wife of a poor 
labourer .

Dear money was her driving ambition hands and head used 
in unison sleepless nights spent in utter confusion honesty in 
her poses an obstruction alluringly forced to take the bold 
decision putting her physical dignity on ransom.
Sent to study in a far off place the nubile girl finds it a heavenly 
bliss no parenting eyes were there to keep a watch on her avail 
the opportunity by trapping a performing catch a veteran gigolo 
looking for a new prey in her batch amazingly time drew them 
shamefully very closer started a hooker with her partner the 
dirty affair pacify her burning fling with his phallus desire day 
after day their carnal thirst grew to study not books but how 
orgasm lasts in mind and body.

By Moloy Bhattacharya
English teacher in India .
(He sent his short story on Face Book - This is the level of 
education given by the teachers from India to the students )

Edit by Haminia Haar

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