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joi, 4 iulie 2013



In my country simple people say

That we are made of ground or sand.
It depends on where you are born,
Close to the mountains, to the river or the sea..

In the moment of birth we receive

The Breath  from God or the Creator..
You can choose to call Him as you wish
It's not about religion here..

Religion is only in your mind

And the name given to the leader of Divinity,too.
My poem is about the Light, the Energy
With which we live worse or better..

I think you wonder why worse or better..

Because you attract them or reject.
It depends on your interest and wish,
Not on mine or somebody's else..

There are no schools to teach you all these.

You must be very attentive at all the mysteries
That happen around you
Since childhood..

One day, somebody said :

"You can drink all the oceans
If the sand is deserted.."
He forgot about the power of God's Light in us !

Most of people don't believe in anything..

They lost every hope : in life, in love, the faith..
In these conditions
How to understand the meaning of Life ?

They prefer to forget, to turn their minds 

To drugs, sex, violence, suicide and destroying.
This is the future they can see for Humanity.
No society, no family, no education or work..

They dream to be free, free of everything.

To loose their minds totally,
To forget about themselves
And about their life..

The wars, the killing of the people

And a glass of beer after
Make them think deeper
To help what is the worst..

Who is guilty for all of these ?

Who can stop destroying the Life ?
Who can bring back what we had free
As a gift from Divinity ?

What can we do now
On the last 100 meters, so late ?
We can think of our existence
Who we are and why on this Earth..

To pray for Humanity

And Divinity to save us !
To love each others
And to stop the wars !

Haminia Haar,

"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.52

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