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vineri, 5 iulie 2013



Now, when we know 

That we are photons of Light,
We are twin souls looking for each other
As long as we live in the Universe..

We are flames of the candles

Shining our path to the source,
To the Sun, to the Moon and to Heavens
Where our dreams come true for ever..

Some of us, selected by God

Are twin flames, His closest children.
They live for the Divine Love in God's Truth
And share it to Humanity !

We are like Persephone,

The Goddess of the seasons
Who covers the Life and Death
Living six months in Light and six months in Dark..

We must harmonize the Planet,

Our hearts, souls and minds !
We don't have too much time
To share our Love to the others..

We can see how many wars

Kill the lives of the innocent children,
Kill the lives of their mothers..
Why ? In the name of who ?

Why so much ambition to kill the others ?

How can we stop them from destroying ?
They destroy the human race and Nature,
We must stop this Bad !

How is it possible ?

Only by Love, I think.
These men suffer from Lack of Love.
We must pray to God for helping them ..

We must show them the Divine Love,

To understand the Truth of life,
The reason for which we were created
To live on Earth in Happiness and Love !

No matter we are black or white,

We are the same blood
Wherever we live: the North, the South, West or East,
Whatever we are : Atheist, Hindu or Christian..

We must forget about hate and wars

God, the Divine Power created us with Peace, 
Forgiveness and Love, them to respect
And the Beauty of the Earth to caress !

Haminia Haar,

"My Poems, Prayers to your Happiness", Nr.12

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