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joi, 30 mai 2013



The Universe is infinite
Everybody knows it
Not only Albert Einstein.

We are photons of Light
The smallest particles of the Atom
Energy from which we are made.

We don't know the Law of Attraction
The chemical elements of Mendeleev,
We must know only Love.

Knowing is our Divine Love 
The rare feelings few people enjoy
If they have the desire to know more.

We are infinite like the Universe.
The Universe spreads Love to us
We must share it with the others.

Love and everything is in us.
It is only our wish to see.
Darkness is only in our mind.

If we want to see the Light
We find it in our hearts
Together with happiness and Love.

Turn the eyes to your Soul
And see how much Love is there.
Prefer not to use your ego.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars
Shine timeless over us..
We must only send them a hug 

And the connection with Divinity 
will be done !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happpiness ", Nr.23

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