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joi, 30 mai 2013



Why do we fall in Ecstasy
In front of Beauty ?
When do we fall in Trance 
And forget about ourselves ?

What is Magic and what is Trance ?
We are all fascinated in front of them
And we can't explain our feelings..
Why can't we ?

Our heart starts to beat so fast
When our lover approaches us..
Why ?
Do we know our vibes and emotions ?

We know that we can not control them.
Where do they come from ?
From Universe for sure..
Or from God ?

Neither the men of science
Nor the priests can give us the Truth..
Is the Truth Magic or Trance ?
We are helpless in front of Nature..

Who manages our lives ?
Some people refuse to think of it..
We like so much to swim in the musical waves,
To live the Harmony and Love..

Why are we attracted by the Unseen,
By miracles, waiting for them ?
Why do we want to be caressed
By our lover and to be kissed ?

The longing of the souls are so strong
And the physical desire so deep ,
No matter the distance and time on Earth,
We need each other so much..

We call it Love or Divine Love..
Is there any difference ?
We dream Love, we sing Love,
The poets write since ages about it..

Love is number one in our life,
We make efforts, we fight for it,
We want to feel the Love from the Garden of Eden,
We make our own Garden of love..

All kind of amazing fantasies
We have in our minds.
We want to live the most beautiful love,
We want the Paradise !

Is Beauty the Magic or the Trance ?
Is it in reality or only in our minds ?
We are part of the Nature ..
Are we a small division of it ?

We like the Beauty, Harmony and Love,
We are looking for our twin souls so much
To live together a lifetime
And feel the ecstasy in Love..

Few children of God find their twin flames..
They love each other beyond imagination,
Their souls can never depart,
No matter where their houses are..

Ecstasy is what we always dream..
Magic and Trance with other words..
Some of us can transcend this world
And know the mystery of Heavens ..

Everything comes from God ..
Happy are those who know
His brilliant and Divine Love..
All His gifts are pure Truth !

When God is present in our body and mind
We don't have other questions in life,
All the temples are opened to us
To sanctify our presence in Light !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness ", Nr.24

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