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sâmbătă, 11 mai 2013



Oh, my beloved !
Have you ever noticed 
That we live in three dimensions,
I mean three realities, at least..
The Seen and the Unseen ?

Have you ever noticed
That I am in your mind permanently
No matter if you are working,
Resting or dying ?

How can I live my life
When you are the Unseen seen by my eyes ?
How many dimensions 
Touch our being ?

I can see all the blinking stars
In your sweet Light eyes..
They are the stars of the Universe,
The opened gate to love me divine ..

I see your photons of light
Dancing mine in the heavenly ballet
No comparison with the Russian Swan Lake,
Our dance is pure bliss and ecstasy ..

When we drink the wine from the Garden of Eden
And we feel melt of desire
On a terrace of Rome
It's our real life in Europe..

Traveling to Istanbul by plane
To visit the famous Top Kapi Palace
And to admire the Marmara Sea
It's the same reality..

We write and recite the Odesy of love 
To teach each other's body and soul  
What is the divine love on Earth
Our souls are One at my home or your home..

But when we dream
The same passion and ecstasy
In the same freesia perfume
From the Garden of love,
What dimension do we live ?

Haminia Haar,
" My poems, Prayers for your Happiness ", Nr. 15

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