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marți, 21 mai 2013



My beloved,

There are no walls or obstacles for Love,
No temples or mountains against sanctity
The stones become soft sand
When your heart beats for mine..

You can enthrone me the Queen of your Breath
The Joy of your infinite desires,
My delight is the wings of your passion
Dancing the symphony of my soul..

All the psalms in the world
Sing our divine love,
All the winds of the seasons
Breeze our Freesia harp to the Moon..

Even if thousands of miles fly over us
The serene thoughts of our beings
Pick up the purple fruit from the Garden of Eden
To give Life a chance of Light !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness, Nr.19

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Rrodia spunea...

Sheila Duse shared a note via Gohar Hanook.

Blessed is the woman who inspires you these wonderful verses! A little 'I envy you .... but just a little', but '.........' cause envy and not 'of God, but this is' a light healthy envy because ...' it would be wonderful for me if a man dedicate it to me some wonderful words! Bravo, Gohar ... as always! Difficult to translate your twisted poems, but it's worth it, 'cause when he really understands the way ... the poetry becomes truly a great dichiarazioine a sublime and sincere love and shudder while you go and translating ... do not tell you at the end! kiss you, my dear friend Poet!
"One In Me"

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