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marți, 14 mai 2013



Oh, my beloved !

I am in love with you so deep,
That I feel not only your Light,
I feel your fragrance everywhere
Confusing the other aromas with yours..

Having my coffee with my colleagues,
One exclaimed : what a good aroma it has !
Yes, it's my favorite Freesia, I said..
The scent of your lips touched me deep for ever .

It's like the Ambrosia Organ in the cathedrals
Where people go to take food for their existence,
The food of the angels, the music of God's song ..
You  are my Freesia orchestra, my love !

Haminia Haar,
"My Poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.16

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Rrodia spunea...

Sebastian Sanchez commented on your note "KISS AROMA".

Sebastian wrote: "Very beautiful, inspiring and full of harmony for the delight of the soul, thank you so much, very grateful for your sharing, have a wonderful day......"

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