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marți, 7 mai 2013



Oh, my darling !
I dreamed you last night as usually
And I still breathe your Freesia fragrance,
Your delicate voice singing your love symphony,
I can hear the stars and the Moon's orchestra..

Why do I dream you all nights ?
Are you the king of my dreams ?
Day and night you are in my mind,
You are in me, hard to believe..

How can you be like a magnet for me ?
Different poles, divine love..
Till the break of dawn and the morning Light
The gentle night has become our baldaquin..

Oh, my darling !
One hundred nights I dreamed you..
Will they be 1001 like in the fairy tale ?
Are you the Arab prince with the white horse
Loving me heavenly and so deep ?

You make me loose in your Paradise essence,
Giving me the love I need so much..
You gave me your whole and took mine, too..
Can the reality live in dreams ?

Haminia Haar,
"My poems, Prayers for your Happiness", Nr.13

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