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marți, 2 aprilie 2013



Why did you ask me about true feeling ?

What do you want to know from me ?
You entered with your love my being,
New sensations you gave to me..

I have never felt such flesh sensations

And mind relaxation so deep.
Vibrations was the manifestation
Your gentle words melt me indeed.

How's possible to happen to my mind ?

Are you a magician or lyre ?
Amazing tender, gentle voice so kind !
Freesia makes me feel the fire..

Relaxed body and mind singing the sky

Forgetting this life totally,
But how good I felt without working mind,
Angels guarding eternally..


When we belong to God's Light trinity

We start to understand our life
Like Beauty, Paradise, Infinity
Shining into our hearts so bright !

It's the single answer to the question

When the true feelings come to us
We must know this holy situation
It is God's wish to enjoy Us !

Haminia Haar,

The Orchard of Love Nr.20

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