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luni, 1 aprilie 2013



My sweet,

When the rain tears my cheeks
Two days, one after the other,
My heart is beating so sad,
Waiting for the Sun ray to come..

Why the clouds are also dark
And the sky is not azure any more ?
How can you guide the Nature,
The shadow, the sorrow and Love ?

What energy makes this magical connection
Between you and the Universe ?
Do you have the power to move
The mountains, the rain and Light ?

I think, yes, I feel it in my soul ..
When you are away from me,
All the cold rain drops fill my blood,
No more warmth, no more love..

But when you come, the Sun shines again,
The birds sing happily in the sky,
My heart jumps out of my chest,
My eyes cry of happiness !

Are you a human being or God 
To let the Love bloom or not ?
You know my true love for you, so well..
Blessing of the Trinity you wait ?

Haminia Haar,
The Orchard of Love, Nr.19

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