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marți, 2 aprilie 2013



Not much time ago,
I was afraid to lose my mind..
I didn't know that losing mind
Meant losing Ego in the ecstasy of love..

Now, I give a piece of advice to you,
Lose your mind in the Divine love,
Live all your heavenly feelings
And you will find everything ..

Don't be afraid of this loss,
It is not a loss but only benefit,
When leaving the Earth for Eternity,
Embracing the endless bliss ..

Lose yourself in the Trinity of God
Escape your body and mind from suffering,
Give you the chance to dance in Light
And feel the ecstasy ..

You are not the black cloud of the sky,
You are the shining Sun ray melting it,
You are the bright Light of the Moon,
Giving hope in love to everybody..

Lose yourself in your silence,
You'll find amazing sweet desire
Of your heart to Love,
Keep it as your most precious gift !

Haminia Haar,
The Orchard of Love, Nr.10
Copyrights@April2, 2013

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