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miercuri, 3 aprilie 2013



Where does the desire of Kiss come from ?
I think it was born in us..
We celebrate our birthday together..
How can I see your lips without kissing them ?

They are like a noble magnet,
Like my favorite perfume of freesia,
Red like the orchard of love,
Calling me to come and gently touch them..

Lips don't think, they have a wonderful power
To attract the others suddenly..
This is an amazing miracle..
Where is the hidden Magic ?

Is the deep need to Kiss your lover's lips
A heavenly gift for us like Love ?
We are so much learned in High schools,
But not able to reply such simple things..

Does the Kiss belong to the Alchemy of love?
What elements are we made of ?
There are experts in Universal Attraction,
Why can't they explain the desire of Kiss ?

All we need is Love, all the songs say !
Love, embrace, kiss, we want them like air,
I think that only God gave these gifts to us,
For His Creation's Joy and Happiness !

Haminia Haar,
The Orchard of Love, Nr.7

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