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marți, 25 decembrie 2012



All Bad in the world was made and it is still making by the Human Beings like those who are interested in Bad . It comes from the first sin in the Garden of Eden when Eve was corrupted by Adam with his beautiful body and mind created by God (with the condition to respect His wonderful rules for their total happiness in life ) to make sex and to eat the apple forgetting totally the Love for whom created them and why ! It is written in any religious scripture.

They ate the apple even if it was not allowed by God ! It's like Nowadays when people make oral sex or sex instead of the Divine Love and Union for procreation as God allowed the men and the women. Most of the human being can not control themselves and can not respect their Creator, their God's rules ! They don't believe in God or forget that we are only Breath which is a temporarily gift.

The rich people create everything against the Nature ! All the high to the sky sky scrappers and all the over over roads destroyed the climate and stability of the ground and of the oceans on the Planet. They did it in order to spend their money and to be proud in front of the others, the so called modern civilization modified the natural Earth created by God !

I think that everybody who watch the TV News or read the newspapers can understand who is the father of all the Bad the human beings are suffering of , who is the Father of all the thorns, of all the misery, of all the disasters in the world causing the death of the people almost daily, unfortunately.

God created the wonderful and heavenly garden of the Universe for
his beloved creations in order that they live a life like in Paradise !
God taught the human beings through his prophets His unconditional and heavenly love for Eternity but the people forgot God , they forgot all is Nature and Beauty !

They prefer money , sex, drugs, richness, corruption and never think that they are only Breath ! Some of the people remember that they never felt the true love and God's gift..their Life until some moments before death, too late, unfortunately.

Good and Bad is our choice !
God is the single Truth !
All we need is Love ! "


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