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luni, 19 septembrie 2016


Dear Haminia,

I appreciate your truthfulness and all what I need is the same - a true heart!

I don't know to express my suffering since the day I know the world, let it be from a family who were unable to support (or even to feed me well), or a country that is famed for corruption. 

Somehow I managed to raise from all those odds, or I must say that it is those difficulties that makes me what I am now. India is a country known for greatest philosophies and philosophers, but there is a reason for that too - it is often life and its hardship that makes a man so. 

Money is not everything, it is the byproduct of our Karma. May you do your duties wholeheartedly, without expecting the result of it, I am sure every fortune will come in search of, rather than you searching for it. You are beautiful and so will be your life. I am with you, always, wherever I am. Maybe God would bring us together one day before we depart from here. That is my prayer too. 

Regarding the position of Director of WCIF, you don't need to worry at all. We are not going to conduct any international events soon. Maybe in the future let us think about that, and by that time we will have sufficient money to support ourselves - trust me. For the time-being we will have virtual events and we need to enroll maximum writers to our foundation. I am adding you to the groups intended for the same. 

Do stay in touch! 

Love you always,

Preeth Nambiar
Author, Educationist & EnvironmentalistChairman, INSPIRE, Editor-in-Chief Litterateur Imprints

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