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marți, 17 februarie 2015



I didn't know
If I fell in love with the man
Or with the land.

I thought they were one.
He smelled as good as
The freshness of the Earth.

His beautiful black eyes
Transcended my mind
To heavens.

Simply his presence 
Caressed me with the unforgettable
Perfume of Nature.

I asked myself :
Why are you so stupid
To fall in love with this man ?

I could't see him,
I could see my blue childhood
In my grandmother's nice village.

Looking at him
I saw the little white goat
Coming to me to feed her.

She was so funny 
And I was so happy !
When shall I live those moments again ?

I remember how much I liked
To eat the tasty red strawberries
From the back of the green garden.

I could hear my grandmother
Calling me 
In her sweet Bihor local language.

The music of the little birds
Was chirping in my ears, 
Paradise was waltzing me !

Where am I ?
Where was I ?
The man was smiling to me.

He noticed my joy and 
Tried to touch my arms.
Who is that man, I thought.

I wonder how could I see
With open eyes
The beauty of my happiness ?

Will it ever repeat ?
Will I ever meet again
The same Paradise ?

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity"

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