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marți, 11 noiembrie 2014



Flowers blossom their buds in tranquility,
Spread their fragrance in anonymity,
God's pleasure to show His beauty !

How happy we walk in this beauty !
In the perfume of jasmine and roses 
Breathing the breeze of nature !

Spring or summer, no matter the season
The same joy and happiness we feel
Holding in hands the little beings !

But when we come to the crowd of reality 
Human beings spread their ugliness aloud
By dirty words in daily battles !

They are able even to kill the others 
To prove their supremacy and pride 
To guide everybody's life like theirs !

What will happen to us soon 
When these dragons take the power
Of all the lands and countries ?

Why are they so sick or brave ?
Who allows them to be so violent
To order like kings to servants ?

Where are the messengers of God ?
Our heavenly angels, 
To keep Him equal in our souls ?

Shall we be saved in love and peace ?
Is there enough hope to transcend
To the dimension of Truth and Light ?

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.51

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