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vineri, 26 septembrie 2014



My beloved,

I know you are waiting for me in the Temple of Love,
I feel the aroma of your kisses like an echo on my lips.
They resonate like the Symphony of the Universe
Led by the best master above.

The perfume I feel coming from you to me
Is beyond imagination a rainbow of scents,
More than any of my dreams
By day or by night.

Your charm is heavenly for sure,
Your delicate voice and wisdom
Come from a deep and holy mystery
From the Light of God .

I listen to your words like breathing music,
They entered my pure soul for ever, ever
Feeling the zenith of the ode's ecstasy
In your purple Love Divine !

Whenever I go and whatever I do
Your crystalline voice calls my name,
I feel its sanctified charm
Like a hymn into my heart !

Haminia Haar,

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