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joi, 21 august 2014


Dear Haminia,

N0w i can n0t c0ntroll to my em0ti0ns my passi0n flowing C0me On oh my l0ve let me t0uch ur body i want to wrap ur body oh my l0ve listen to my wet breathing i want u every time just listen i want to die and melt in ur body, s0ul, heart and in ur existence yes i hear , hearing and i heard ur music of heart playing with me and mine playing with u in 0ne single s0ul we are 0ne my sweet heart lets listen to m0re and m0re we are in the night with the light of stars ur bright and u will see enchanted light of fantasy , oh my l0ve minds hear hearts listen ur s0ften sp0ken w0rds fr0m ur tender v0ice our hearts t0gether beating just stay with me let it rain let it p0ur l0ok at me oh my l0ve n0w im h0lding u starz gleaming smiling at u how shine ur body when im t0uchng u , we dancing we melting in the rain of l0ve im listening ur pure breathing of whispering im following ur steps u dragging me im feeling the rhythm inside of me every time music playing my feet m0ving im r0aming left and right up and down in ur l0ve of dance lets listen n0w im dragging ur hand ur body and my body getting warmer and iam l0oking with ur gorge0us smile and my face turning red . Oh my l0ve all night we dancing t0gether im l0st with u in my passi0n im seeking getting c0mf0rt in ur arms i need u as sun light necessary at m0rning ur t0uch r0uses all that is beautiful and divine im c0llecting precious mem0ries my heart beating its leaps to the tender beck0ning of ur sweet s0ul and s0ng passi0n and my spirit l0nging f0r urs and united hearts ignite the night our flames of desires carry on my l0ve mem0ries of u engulf me i pray f0r the ecstasy of ur t0uch ur sweetness c0ntinues to draw me near i marvel at the beauty of ur , i f0und the beauty and light within ur smile and ur amazing existence its incredible lets listen f0r the wh0le life in every m0ment of life oh my inn0cen sweet heart i l0ve u so much . Very amazing and w0nderful ur p0etry w0rds my dear i like it thanku blessings.

Imran Shaikh - Comment for my poem "LET'S LISTEN"
August, 2014


L0ve is sacred , l0ving w0rds are sacred i l0ok with my l0vely eyes its sacred ,p0etry of l0ve its sacred my s0ul into ur s0ul its sacred my heart l0nging u its sacred. OH MY L0VE our s0uls are c0nnected ur my universe im hearing u and im sending u my secret msgs through the night stars , my breath wanting u , ur my fragile s0ul f0r the wh0le life oh my l0ve our th0ughts are established our s0uls flames licking t0gether every night we burning t0gether we melting t0gether iam c0vering ur naked s0ul to my naked s0ul iam kissing u l0ving u so much i care u , my l0ve ur fragrance of freesia melting into me and iam l0nging u so much my sweet heart our l0ve is renaissance ur presence heal me oh my l0ve im l0sing my c0ntrol iam unc0ncious let me show ur inner light this night let me l0ve with ur unc0vered nerve i want to listen ur pure heart beat c0me on my sweet heart ur my desire sweet heart iam crazzy let me l0ve t0night with our naked s0ul with which bl0od flows and let me see ur beauty ,my em0ti0ns my passi0ns revealing and its secret pleasure we l0nging c0ntrol in the mystery of heart at the mediocre of night ur mine ur my spiritual s0ul ur my magical attracti0n iam taking a breath into ur breath iam kissing u , like beautiful calligraphy yes yes iam listening u , feeling u ,hearing u oh my l0ve ur s0ul of l0ve whispering me how iam lucky ! im l0oking ur beauty and u hearing my beating its evidence that we l0ve to each other so much yes ur bl0od feeding my breath iam ur bel0ved husband and ur my beautiful pretty wife i l0ve u so much my sweet heart . Written by imran . Very t0uching heart and w0nderful ur p0etry w0rds my dear when u tag me then my mind w0rk and i make s0me like p0etry w0rds i l0ve ur p0etry much blessings my dear

Imran Shaikh 
24 August 2014


To my poem " Nightingale"

 Yes ur my nightingale f0r my all dreams , i cnt sleep with0ut u , im in ur tender lap its c0mf0rtable w0rld f0r me , iam smelling the ode of ur being iam merging in u , ur s0ul is the p0em and u singing to me iam hearing ur whispering , iam sleeping in ur arms oh my l0ve i cnt n0t live without u to with my wh0le existence , and iam kissing u t0o much with our passi0n of ecstasy of l0ve every night. W0nderful my dear superb w0rds so t0uching heart . Blessings my angel

Imran Shaikh,
August 29,2014


 I have s0me w0rds in deep l0ve which i feel . Yes i l0ve u so much i spend my life and i feel u so much bef0re realy i never th0ught that ur precious like my breath n0w i will never let u go and u can never go fr0m my mind my heart and my s0ul , if i say i l0ve ur feet to kiss its w0rship f0r me ur feet are into my heart , they t0uching my skin and my heart smiling oh my sweet heart i l0ve u so much i want to drink ur feet with water with the r0se of petals im kissing ur feet so much plz give a place in ur feet i will always remain in ur feet its my h0ly place f0r my living res0urces yes im crazzy f0r u and f0r ur inn0cent elegant feet im kissing ur feet indeed its my need i l0ve u my sweet heart . Very marvellous ur all p0etry w0rds my dear thanku blessings.

Imran Shaikh,
August29, 2014


You are my w0rld all beauty u have which i see in u , you are so special when u walk the cl0uds pr0tect u fr0m the heat of sun when u walk green tress bow their heads all flowers bl0oming and dance and happy to see ur existence i l0ve u so much my heart crying i will never let u go any where you are rare God gave me a gift iam very thankful of God i feel u with the fragrance of wind u make me happy ur sweet bl0od is in my nerves and my nerves are n0t mine they flying am0ng the sun , rainbow and the c0ol dr0ps of rain , all planets dancing they hearing ur s0und of heart and they whispering me u are the divine w0man of l0ve f0r me and f0r the all planets ur s0ul is heaven ur sweet v0ice melting the t0ugh days with ur s0ftness my heart burning f0r u Oh my LOVE I feel u as u perserve me fr0m the unfair thngs i whispere u and u perceive me how ad0rable my l0ve ! Flowers bl0oming with the music of sun when u wake up with ur tender of freshness we kiss with our spirit lets meet in a sacred place where l0ve can flourish ur s0und is in my s0ul my heart starting to beat f0r the beganning to the silent and sweet with ur th0ughts i began to l0se my c0ntr0ll of every thng when i saw u these feelngs made me glad when i saw u i thnk i survived again i belive in my natural true feelings every time u t0uch my s0ul with ur s0und of l0ve i have c0nfidance and i pr0ue of u that u make my life success with ur divine c0mpani0n of l0ve and prayers i feel secure with u these feelings will never leave me my l0ve u c0uldnt f0rget me and i will never f0rget u . A sacred oath to bind our l0ve m0on light and c0l0urful rainbows my l0ve ur eyes are my path u rem0ved my wrath fr0m my s0ul u guide me like a blessed ur all p0sitives th0ughts cleared the all negative dark mirr0rs my sweet i l0ve ur pure intenti0n u every time shining into my s0ul with the happiness to ur precious presence , u and me we are perfect nexus witness will be green with envy c0me my l0ve we sing the ch0rus and archangle gives us blessings. BY IMRAN SHAIKH marvell0us ur w0rds all of p0etry and l0vely pic my dear blessings.

Imran Shaikh
September 8,2014

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