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sâmbătă, 9 august 2014


Comment upon my poem THE VOICE :

When we l0ve to s0me0ne that her or his beautiful v0ice 
entered into our s0ul and like a magic a whispering whispers
in our ears , beautiful v0ice of l0ver we can feel we can hear 
in the wind , in the st0rms , in the rains , in the m0on , sun ,
stars beautiful valleys green trees tender flowers amazing 
garden and into our heart mind th0ughts s0ul and in every 
thing bcz we l0ve to s0me0ne very truly by our divine heart 
and its no end its always with us and f0rever that is true l0ve
of v0ice when we listen or hear beautiful v0ice we get heal , 
happiness we feel and look the beautiful w0rld divine l0ve 
that is the w0rld of paradise that is l0ve . 

Very beautiful ur w0rds and p0etry my dear u always be
happy blessings .

Imran Shaikh

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