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marți, 12 august 2014



And iam ur sun ray of light oh my sweet heart 
iam seeding u my warmth to ur s0ft like a marble 
0n ur cheeks and iam t0uching ur face with my 
pr0tecting light ,

yes im c0vering ur body and filling with ur deep
desires with my passi0nate of l0ve all desires to0, 

oh my l0ve iam taking a breath into ur s0ul ,iam
 feeling ur perfume of body how its dynamic! 

l0ve of sun ray ,iam l0ving u like a nutriti0n every 
day ,

oh my l0ve ,iam kissing ur heart and t0uching ur s0ul
and iam l0st in ur intellectual mind's of l0ve,

i am merged in u and iam merging in ur existence 
every day , 

u have fragrance of light which c0mes fr0m the heaven
and heaven break the distance and im t0uching and
l0ving u in the splendid places ,

my restless heart thr0b f0r u every day and u can see 
me iam in the gleaming of at0ms every where, oh my 
kind l0ve we impressed in the pure picture of heart 
with zeal and iam busy to l0ving u indeed ,

iam c0vering ur lips with the sweet bl0oming sweet
 fressia of flowers,

ur smile c0mes fr0m the heaven and im kissing ur lips
so much ,iam drinking fr0m ur lips r0se of pure water 
oh my sweet iam crazzy indeed, 

oh my paradise l0ve and iam kissing ur feet with the 
r0se of petals ,

how pure l0ve ! Isnt it w0rship ?

Oh my sweet heart i will keep u f0r the perpetuate and
i will l0ve u f0rever and ever ,u and me f0r the eternity .

 And iam listening ur breath iam crazzy f0r u indeed. 

Very very l0vely ur p0etry w0rds and sun ray awes0me
 my dear ur the best l0vely ur p0etry much blessings.

Imran Shaikh

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