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marți, 15 aprilie 2014



My poems are my dialogue 
With God who dictates to me
What to write.

He doesn't whisper to my ears
But directly to my pen
Which is in a great hurry.

So, the pen becomes the voice
For all the people to know
God's plans with us.

He never says any word
About the beginning of the world
As He created it.

He dictates how to recover
The destruction of the Earth
Made by the human mind.

It is beyond imagination,
Hard to be understood
Even by God !

How dare the humans
Kill the Life 
Given to us to breathe ?

The Creator assists how His Creation
Is destroyed by the mind
Of His own Creation !

He has never thought
Of this disaster 
With intention ..

What do you think
About His thoughts
To save the Mankind ?

The destruction will be let go on
Until it will annihilate
Itself .

Can you understand it ?
It is simple mathematics ..
Plus and minus is Zero.

What is Zero, do you know ?
No voice of the minds
Will ever speak.

No emperors of Lie
Will live in their palaces..
They will become green grass.

The fountains of Light 
Will flow again 
On a new land.

The seasons will disappear,
The Light will be the Queen,
The homes will be our Souls.

The happy people now
Will watch their end,
The end of everything.

Nothing will remain
But the green leaves 
Of some trees..

The birds will feel
So much alone
In their chirping..

They will fly to another sky
From another Earth,
Other composition, not round !

Flesh and blood never
Will be seen in human beings.
The saved Souls will sing the poetry of Love !

Forgotten perfumes will invade
Their new breaths ,
Wonderful feelings !

Much time in No time
Will be the illusion
Of the new photons of Light !

The rivers will live
In their old dreams oceans,
In happiness for ever .

Nothing and nobody 
Will be able to compare themselves
With any mirror .

A single Sun
In a single Light
Will govern only Love !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia for Humanity", Nr.9
Copyrights@April, 2014

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