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miercuri, 23 aprilie 2014



Do you know that in Communism
All the people had houses or
Apartments to live in,
Free from the State ?

Do you know that in Communism
All the people had jobs and money
To live decently ?
No beggars could be seen !

Do you know that in Communism
All the people could spend
Their holidays at the mountains
Or at the Sea ?

Do you know that in Communism
All the people could make economy
For the necessary money to travel
In their spare time ?

The people were happy, they were
Smiling and laughing every day...!
Not like Now when you can see
Their faces black of sufferings..

Do you know that in Communism
All the students could study free
Since the first day in school
Until the end of University ?

Do you know that in Communism
All the good students received
Scholarships and free train tickets 
Three times a year during their holidays ?

I mentioned that 
The society didn't have beggars
Or jobless like Now !
All the citizens had food and shelters!

There were no rich people and
No poor people !
Everybody had what they needed.
Even their own cars .

Now, they don't have anything !
The leaders of the wild Capitalism
Took on their family's names
Everything belonged to the State..

They only made other papers and
Changed the names of the property..
From the Communist State,
All the beautiful buildings of the country !

That was the so called transition
From Communism to the
Romanian Capitalism
Which lasted 23 years till Present !

In Communism all the population
Was equal in rights,
And in working for money..
Neither richness, nor poorness !

The difference among salaries
Was from one to ten ..
The smallest salary assured 
A comfortable life to everyone.

Now, in our wild Capitalism
The difference among salaries 
Is from one to the sky !
Who can count the billions ?

Twenty-three years were enough
To create a well known difference :
The politicians and bankers are 10 %
And the poor people 90 % !

Humiliation is the Queen 
In my country !
It's worse than being beaten ..
Who can bear it ?

Humiliation is equal with Death !
Have you ever tried to live
A full month with 150 USD ?
Retired or working ?

Are you able to support your 
Family with food, shelter, clothes,
Books, notes-books for children
To go to school with this money ?

Maybe you think that the family
Has the second salary from
The Husband and they have
300 dollars for four or five members..

Nobody can live in 2014, 
In a city with only 300 dollars !
Only the water and energy cost 200 
USD in a house  ! 

The grand-parents have the same
Very small pensions even if they
Worked more then 30 years or 40 !
May they be workers or managers ..

They can't pay their taxes to the State,
They can't pay their medicines,
They can't buy food for 30 days,
They can't give their grand-children any cake...

In the good times of Communism, 
They made for their grand-children cookies
And nice surprises, they laughed a lot...
Who stole that time ?

Years have passed...
The ten years president's wish was
To cut  the salaries and pensions
To Death, step by step...

Tens of thousands of doctors left the country
Looking for jobs in Europe
Or other continents...
To support their families at home..

The "capitalist" president closed 
The hospitals and schools,
The teachers lost their jobs...
Where to go to work ? To Europe !

What to do in such situation ?
Some weak men chose to suicide..
The women are desperate...
The children don't go to school..

More than 3 millions of people
Left the country in the last years
And went to Spain, Germany or Italy
To pick up strawberries, or wash the dishes..

I wonder what is Capitalism ?
As I could see it developing in my country,
It is a destruction of
Everything Good !

Maybe we could not understand 
Its definition..
Nobody came to teach us
Howe to work and live in Capitalism..

What is Capitalism ?
Cheating and stealing
For running to the Top of Richness
And make the others poor, poor ?

I am very disappointed 
By this wild Capitalism !
It brought much suffering to most of us !
This is not Democracy !

What will happen to the population
If it loses everything day by day...
No house, no job, no money, no food !
What will happen ?

The president and his team, not the new Govt,
Improve their richness more and more,
Day by day and don't care about the poor !
They can die by their mind !

How can be EU member a country led by 
Such a president fighting against his people ?
How can it be NATO member ?
The common Romanians are starving and die !

The other states of EU are developed countries !
Their salaries are very big .
Two thousands Euros is the smallest salary 
For an intellectual who graduated the University.

After being experts in their study
They have five thousands Euros salary for a month !
They have true reasons to be happy !
Their smallest pension is one thousand Euros.

My aunt worked 33 years and has 110 Euros pension !
Unehundredten Euros for a month to live !!!
Can she pay the water and the energy 200 Euros ?
Can she buy food and her medicines ? NO !

Why is there so much difference
Among the EU countries ?
We respect all the obligations to EU
Including the financial ones ! 

When about our rights,
Nobody cares about us .
They don't care that the Romanians
Didn't have a slice of bread on Christmas !

With the single exception of the rich people
Who stole from the Communist State
Their villas, money for luxury cars and ships,
Making abuse through their functions ?

Is it the real Capitalism ?
Why our pure people
Fought in 1989 against Communism
To transform Romania in a capitalist country ?

Why did they kill the communist president 
Who build all the blocks of flats in which we live
And changed the Communism
With this wild Capitalism?

Who can answer this question ?
Here, the owners, even of small business are 
Considered thieves. The president asked
An unusual Tax from them : FORFETARA !

Have you ever thought about it ?
Our leader suspects all the private companies
To be thieves who don't pay the taxes
To the State, taking even their breath !

So, our ten years president invented
This tax which is very big for small companies.
FORFETARA TAX obliges the companies
To pay it to the State, even if they don't sell Anything !

So, 400.000 small private companies closed
Their doors after many years of activity
When they assured the survival of the members of
Their family, since 1990...

The president took the right to work and live
From one million of husbands, wives and children,
Other members of their families...hungry and..
Without minimum conditions of life..

Is there Democracy in Capitalism ?
Humiliation after Humiliation,
This is the Life we live in Romania !
Member of EU and NATO !

What kind of Capitalism is this ?
Why nobody from Capitalist countries
Didn't come to Romania to teach the
Leaders what is the meaning of Capitalism ?

Is it possible for the old  Capitalists to believe
That the same people who lived all their life
In Communism can lead a country in other
System suddenly ? They are the same !

Why so much misunderstanding 
Among the leaders of the countries ?
Why do they want to destroy the
Humanity ?

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia and Humanity", Nr.10

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