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sâmbătă, 15 martie 2014



Beauty is where we look
with our eyes around..

Beauty is all the flowers
which share their perfume with us..

Beauty is the shining of the stars
upon our face at night..

Beauty is the Moon

Reflected in our hearts..

Beauty is our smile in the morning
When the first sun ray kisses our cheek..

Beauty is the gentle snow drop
That opens its eyes to the spring..

Beauty is the Universe
which embraces us all time..

Beauty is the feeling of love
in our souls..

Beauty is the unbelievable
friendship for a lifetime..

Beauty is the wind
which sings the heavenly orchestra..

Beauty is the scent of ground
when the drops of rain fall down..

Beauty is the masterpieces in painting
of Michelangelo, Rafael, Van Goch..

Beauty is the "Moon Sonata"
played by Bethoveen..

Beauty is the summer ocean breeze
Which caress our skin on the beach..

Beauty is the peace among people
All over the world..

Beauty is the fly of the bees
To take the nectar for us..

Beauty is your wonderful heart
that beats for the others..

Beauty is the Cosmic energy
which keeps us alive..

Beauty is God's gifts
When we receive them from Him..

Beauty is the love I feel
into my heart for you..

Beauty is losing our mind
While looking to the blue sky..

Beauty is the transparent mountain river
Amazing trouts swimming in its waves..

Beauty is the field with red poppies
and the lovely purple lavenders..

Beauty is the flame of the candle
which breaks the dark in our home..

Beauty is the vibrations in our cells
which announce our presence..

Beauty is Nature, Music, Painting,
Metaphor in Poetry..

Beauty is everything that makes our mind stop
By God's landscape !

Haminia Haar,
"Regrets In Love, Flowers In Your Heart", Nr.13

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