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joi, 20 februarie 2014



What to do when we see
People killed in the streets
In so many countries ?

Some of them die consciously
Fighting for their Liberty
Against the fools ..

Fool leaders interested in power and money
Sending the army against the protesters,
Not thinking that they will be punished soon..

Revolts, Revolutions and Wars
All over the planet
Are in fashion now !

The red Blood of human beings
Is like the water of the Oceans
Flowing with fury in waves..

It can be seen from Cosmos
Like the Chinese Wall
Poor Human Beings !

Others die from Hunger,
From lack of food and medicines,
From lack of shelters and ignorance ..

The rich politicians voted by the poor
Want to get rid of them soon
Cutting all their rights to live !

What do they want to happen ?
To eliminate billions of people
From Life ?

So many presidents think like this !!
Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Romania, others
Are at the limit of Existence..

The corrupted rich politicians
Enjoy their life in luxury
Leaving their wives for prostitutes !

Nobody can change these things ?
Nobody cares about Humanity ?
Nobody cares about the Human race ?

If it is the Truth,
We deserve this Destiny !

Haminia Haar,
"Haminia For Humanity", Nr. 5

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