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luni, 10 februarie 2014




Our president made all the laws for his own interests in

the last ten years !

He was strong helped by the prim-minister whom he selected

to work only for him together with the whole Government,
Emil Boc .

He exploited and exploits to death the Romanians all this time !

The Romanians asked him to leave the presidency by voting

against him at least 80 % of the people, but he didn't leave
the President Palace because his own laws protected him and
still protect him to be judged...

The Romanian people succeeded in changing the Govt, by vote 
but the president remained to attack the new Govt and to
make fool of all the Romanians !

With a single exception : his judges with the highest functions

he gave to them and some of the secret services from seven..

The foreign press published in the newspapers the question:

why Romania has seven secret services when it doesn't have
any enemies from outside ?

We have never felt so much humiliation in our lives !

Even the Communism was much better than this terrorism

and dictatorship.

Nobody was jobless in communism and all the Romanians

had houses from the Govt paying a very small tax monthly
for living in them..

The present Govt has No important power in the country. 

The new Prime Minister can do NOTHING for the population 

because All the laws were made by the Ex PM and ex Govt ,
servants of the criminal president AGAINST THE POPULATION. 

The ex PM and the present president CUT THE SALARIES OF 

EVERYBODY with 50 % and the pensions of the retired people 
with until 90 %...making the Romanians to die from lack of 
money for food and medicines ..

The well known example of the cut pension with 90 % is

the brave pilot, Adrian Iovan who piloted Trans Continental
Planes like BOEING all his life until he retired and after 
his pension was cut with 90 % he started to work and pilot
a small and old Romanian plane which fell down in the 
Romanian mountains, two weeks ago...

He worked in order to support his small son, Albert who

is only seven years old...

There were seven from seven survivors, but the plane
could not be found for seven hours in which the pilot
and a 23 years old girl student in medicine died from 
wounds and coldness..

Millions of Romanians died because lack of medicines, three 

millions of Romanians left the country to THE WORLD to find 
some jobs in order to support their families... physicians left the country last year, the same number 

of teachers left Romania to find jobs in order not to die...!

They lost their jobs because the Ex PM and president 

closed many hundreds of hospitals and schools !

This is the Democracy we live in here in a country member 

of the Europe Union and NATO..! 

This is slowly death of the people made by the president 

who will be changed in December 2014 by vote and 
presidential elections ..

He made the Law for himself : to lead 10 years ! 

To destroy the country and the Romanians !

His single dream day and night is to fight against Romanians !

Hitler didn't kill the Germans...

Is this life DEMOCRACY as Romania is known to be ?

If this is Democracy, than the Communism was the Mother

and Father of the Democracy !


February 11,2014

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